Ann Chatterton

I was fast approaching 50 and weighing 17 stone, my poor horse was beginning to struggle while out competing. I decided if I didn’t lose weight I would have to give up riding. Too cut a long story short, I joined weight watchers and lost 5 stone. Having lost weight in the past, I needed a way to keep it off so I decided jogging was the way to go. I did this for 18 months and ran a 10k.

One day, I read an advert for British Cycling’s Breeze program. It sounded like a good way to get me cycling and helping other women into fitness. During the training, I met Annie Dalton and Suzanne Szenher. We started running 5 mile bike rides together and met June Heron. We started cycling together most weekends and decided we wanted to develop our cycling, but couldn’t find any ladies clubs.

So, with the help of British Cycling, the Sunday Girls Road Club was born (name supplied by Annie’s husband, Nick).
I feel blessed to have met some amazing ladies in our club and some great people in the cycling community.

And for anyone worried about my horse, she retired and now lives very happily in Selby.